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Prayer times 

Shabbat Parsha’at Emor
  10 Iyar

Candle lighting  6:55 PM, Mincha is at 7:15 PM.  

Schachrit is at 8:15 AM 

The Young Families Division invites children of the community between the ages of 2-6 to…..

"Minyan of the Sweets"

Prayer, stories, adon olam choir, and sweets.

Shabbat morning at 09:45 in the Rav’s study.

Children between the ages of 7-13 are invited to a special davening and fun parsha quiz (and prizes) with Rabbanit Atira Ote Shabbat morning at 09:15

After musaf the congregation is invited to kiddush on the terrace.


Mincha will be at 7:05 PM. 
At 7:25 Dr. Akiva Sternberg will speak on: "The History of Halacha"

Arvit at 8:05 PM, Shabbat ends at 8:12 PM 

Days of the week

Shacharit is at 6:15 AM on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and at 6:05 AM on Monday and Thursday. 


Mincha, D’var Torah & Arvit Daily at 7:15 PM

To the prayer times of
The full month of Iyar

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