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בית כנסת אוהל נחמה
ספרי תורה באוהל נחמה
משפחות צעירות אוהל נחמה
אולם בית הכנסת אוהל נחמה

Rav and rabbanit of the synagogue

Rav Yosef, ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, is a family man, lecturer, author, and doctoral student in medicine and halacha. Rabbanit Atira, who holds a degree in Tanach, Jewish art, and Hebrew literature, is a Rav’s wife, mother, artist, author, translator, and matchmaker. Together, the Rav and the Rabbanit founded a non-profit called "Emet V’Yatziv" with the aim of increasing Torah learning and acts of chesed. "Working as a Rav and Rabbanit is a true shlichut and gives us a sense of purpose. We try every day to serve our wonderful community l’shem shamayim with love and joy. B"H the Ohel Nechama community is diverse and vibrant. We invite you to join us for learning, activities, and special events. We look forward to seeing you!

הרב יוסף ועתירה אות
בית כנסת אוהל נחמה

Welcome to Ohel Nechama Synagogue

Ohel Nechama Synagogue is located at 3 Chopin Street on the border of the Talbiah-Katamon neighborhoods in Jerusalem, between the Jerusalem Theater and the Presidential Residence. The synagogue adheres to theAshkenazi traditions. Beyond weekday and Shabbat prayers, the synagogue has classes and activities for all elements of the community, including new immigrants and for all ages - children, teenagers, young families and vatikim. The synagogue is named for Rabbanit Nechama Lifshitz and was founded in the early 60s as an outgrowth of the Student Minyan of the Hebrew University.

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משחקייה באוהל נחמה

In our synagogue you will find a playroom, changing room, classes, activities and prayers for children!

A variety of classes are given every week,online and face-to-face.

שיעורים בבית כנסת אוהל נחמה
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