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Rav Ote’s Shiurim

Rav Yosef Ote delivers in the synagogue a weekly lessons all are welcome.

Bava Kama

Every Tuesday
45 minutes before Mincha in shul – practical issues learned from Masechet Bava Kama in Hebrew
בבא קמא שיעור מפי הרב יוסף או בבית הכנסת אוהל נחמה
Preparing a Challah

Parsha'at Hashavua

Every Thursday
A weekly lesson
Parsha'at Hashavua Lecture
between Mincha and Arvit

in the shul.

Talit and Torah

Halacha Thought


Every day between Mincha and Arvit
Rav Ote teaches a Lesson in Halachic Thought in the shul.


Practical Halachic Topics


at 9:00

on Zoom – a class in English on Practical Halachic Topics.

By Rav Ote

Zoom link

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