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D’var Tora Pourim

D’var Tora Pourim

Modern Hebrew has the phrase "Not every day is Purim," meaning that not every day does a miracle occur.

However, in a real sense, every day indeed is Purim. The Purim story, as presented in Megilat Esther, has no overt mention of God. The plot seems a series of random events which combine to bring about the salvation of Israel from Haman's proposed "Final Solution" of exterminating all the Jews within the 127 provinces of Ahasuerus' kingdom. However, the insightful reader understands that the Purim saga is the story of the Divine intervention which the Nation of Israel merited during the days of Mordechai and Esther. The Purim salvation is a miracle which God performed within nature. One who is perceptive understands that reality in general, all the more so Israel's existence, is a series of daily miracles performed by Divine Providence on behalf of God's chosen people. This is true even though it is done covertly. Thus, in fact, every day is Purim.

Indeed, every time we recite the Amida, we thank God for the daily miracles He performs for His nation. On a daily basis, God grants us miracles, miracles which He performs within the natural order. (David Magence)

Shabbat Shalom and Purim Sameach

The Va’ad

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